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  • Budapest on the Danube
  • A beautiful walk
  • Frayed Friend
  • Koln Cathedral at Dusk (B&W)
  • Wine and River
  • Can't worry about my "do" - I'm Busy!!
  • Great Blue Turaco in Sunrise Background
  • Evening Calm
  • Texture adds character....
  • Ginger the Cutie


A postcard from Budapest

One of our friends on Facebook asked if we were going to be in Budapest as she used to live there – a long time ago…  Well, we arrived in Budapest this morning and have enjoyed a day with dramatic changes in the sky – early sun and them some very dark clouds.  Here’s my postcard to our friend Jenn – I hope it makes you nostalgic for this beautiful old city.

Budapest on the Danube

Budapest on the Danube

A beautiful scene from Bamberg

We stopped a couple of days ago in the pretty town of Bamberg, Germany.  We found a delightful little place to have a cup of coffee (and a wonderful piece of cheesecake) along the canal and then walked around the area.  I took this peaceful picture as we walked.  I “dressed it up” a little to make it look more like a painting but I think you’ll agree that it was a very nice scene……

A beautiful walk

A beautiful walk

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

I was lucky on this week’s challenge.  We were walking this morning in the little German town of Donaustadt on the Danube River.  We weren’t looking for anything in particular, we were just enjoying this out of the way little town.  As we went by the front of a house that was under construction my wife pointed out what she called “a dead teddy bear”.  That is exactly what it looked like… was lying there, a little worse for wear, looking like it had been laid to rest.  May this frayed little bear rest in peace….

Frayed Friend

Frayed Friend

Köln Cathedral and Strassenbahn Bridge

It wouldn’t be a European River Cruise without Cathedrals so I thought I’d get this post out of my system quickly.  This was taken on our first night and shows the largest Cathedral in Germany alongside a train bridge in the center of the old city.  The Cathedral looks out over the Rhine River and is a spectacular sight – especially at night when the lights come on.  I’ve made several versions of this photo (because I like it..) but I thought I’d post the B&W image here – I think it is a dramatic capture of an iconic scene.

Koln Cathedral at Dusk (B&W)

Koln Cathedral at Dusk (B&W)

An added benefit of photographing this particular scene was that we ran into another photographer who used to live in Köln and he gave us a great rundown on where to eat and where to enjoy the local brews….

Castles on the Rhine

Wine and River

Wine and River

Here we are on the Rhine River in Germany.  This was on our first day of cruising with many, many small towns and castles sprinkled among the grape vines that cover the rolling hills and mountains.  A beautiful place and a lovely day.  Much more to follow………

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I happen to still be on a European River Cruise (I’ll be posting some soon) but I wanted to post for this week’s challenge.  I haven’t taken any silhouetted pics over here yet but I did have one on my computer that I shot last week.  I call this….. Happy Wet Dog – he has his ball, the water is warm, and dad is keeping him running.  Hope  you enjoy this bad hair day silhouette!

Can't worry about my "do" - I'm Busy!!

Can’t worry about my “do” – I’m Busy!!

In the Air Again…..

A quick post to say that we’re on our way overseas again – this time to Europe and a river cruise on the Rhine/Main and Danube Rivers.  It’ll be a day or two before we get connectivity again so I figured I’d post this photo to signify we are getting ready for takeoff as this is published.  Before you ask, this is a composite photo made up of the sunrise over the field/mist and an inflight photo of a Great Blue Turaco.  I took both photos in Uganda about two days apart.  I thought I’d combine them to get an interesting subject on a spectacular background.  Hope you enjoy and forgive the photo manipulation on my part…….  I’ll post again soon from Germany.

Great Blue Turaco in Sunrise Background

Ocean Beach Pier at Dusk

Just a quick post of a photo I took at Ocean Beach in San Diego.  It was a beautiful evening and I caught this shot just as the lights on the pier were coming on….

Evening Calm

Evening Calm

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Welcome to my entry for this week’s challenge!  When I saw the subject, I immediately thought of the elephants.  Their rough and wrinkled texture is unlike anything else I have seen, touched or experienced in nature.  It is even more interesting when you consider how that texture ages and becomes even more distinct and featured as the elephant gets older.  I thought I’d try and illustrate that in this photo taken in the Serengeti in January.  This elephant “family” was part of a much larger herd.  I was also trying to give the photo a little texture from front to back by using the depth of field of the camera/lens…..

Texture adds character....

Texture adds character….

Foster Dogs!

My across the road neighbors, Steve and Nancy, have four dogs of their own but they routinely “adopt” other dogs from the shelter until good homes can be found for them.  They are clearly doing wonderful work.  A short time ago, they asked me if I could help them get their foster “children” adopted through my hobby of photography.  They said many of the adoptions are done through the use of websites but that the quality of the photos of the subjects left something to be desired.   I readily agreed because I love dogs (as my own two can tell you) and really enjoy photographing all animals – it seemed like a great match!  So we started setting up short photo shoots for the dogs and so far it has contributed to several adoptions.

I’m going to switch gears and start with Steve and Nancy’s current foster, Ginger – a wonderfully sweet dog who loves to be up close and personal with people and is a joy to be with.  Her only issue is that a few weeks back (before she became a foster) she was hit by a car and lost her front right leg.  Only a few weeks later, she is her normal happy self and she is getting around like she never needed four legs!  Here is my photo/painting portrait of Ginger that I took yesterday.

Ginger the Cutie

Ginger the Cutie

As I said to Steve this morning, this next photo catches her “putting her best foot forward”…..

Ginger is proving that feet are redundant....

Ginger is proving that feet are redundant….

I started with Ginger because she is still available for adoption, and if you are interested, please contact me at  PS – we are in San Diego.

I’ll go back a little and introduce you to Holly – another available sweetie with a story.  Holly is being fostered by some other friends and her story is that she was very nearly euthanized as she was blind!  Luckily the attendant at the shelter could not bring himself to carry out her sentence and Holly was saved.  She has since had cataract surgery and can see again.  She is a beautiful and happy dog …..and she is also still available.  Send me a note if you might be interested in adopting her!

Holly - a great story...and friend

Holly – a great story…and friend

I’ll end by introducing you to a couple of other recent friends who have since gone on to new families.  This is Cassie who just got adopted a few weeks ago – how do you beat that for photogenic?

Cassie the newly adopted  :-)

Cassie the newly adopted :-)

And lastly, let me introduce you to Farrah.  As a youngster, I was always dreaming of a date with Farrah and my friend Steve arranged it for me!  It was different than I had dreamed of but Farrah is still quite the poster girl …..

Farrah - still one of Charlie's  Angels to me

Farrah – still one of Charlie’s Angels to me



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