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Masters of the House

Since I concentrated yesterday on the squirrels that terrorized our dogs, I figured I should at least introduce our dogs to those of you who don’t know them.  As I said yesterday, both of them are bruisers – weighing in at about 10 pounds apiece.  What is amazing is the volume that you can out of packages that small – these girls can resonate!  Just ask the neighbors….  Anyway, the first of our pups is  CJ.  She was a rescue from the Chula Vista animal shelter where she was alone with uncountable Pit Bulls.  She is named after the character CJ Craig from “The West Wing” which was played by Allison Janey who has sort of wide, blue eyes.  Hopefully you can see them in the shot below.

Meet CJ

CJ is mostly a Chihuahua (what they call a Blue Merle with the speckled coat) but we thinks she probably has other origins that she gets her longish, low-rider body from.  CJ is the schmoozer in the household and enjoys our outdoor room and her favorite chair….

CJ in "action"

On the other end of the spectrum is “the Osa”.  Osa is a pure breed (but maybe partially mentally defective) Schipperke which translates into boundless energy and the ability to make anything into a game.  Unfortunately the games she plays are mostly by her rules so we are left guessing into what our role (or CJs) might be.

The OSA!

To be fair, OSA has mellowed (a little) as she as gotten older and she now has at least one quiet moment a day.  You can tell when that happens because the neighbors actually come outdoors without their ear protection on and smile at the peaceful (if fleeting) quiet of the neighborhood.

Osa acting grown up....for a moment

Hope you enjoyed meeting “the kids”.

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