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Blue Footed Boobys (part 1) – the Eyes have it

No photo report on the Galapagos would be complete without a few shots of the Blue Footed Boobys.  Many photographers focus right away on the feet as the distinguishing feature.  I’ll buck that trend (at least for today) and start at the other end.  After all, how could you resist something that looks like this….

Blue Footed Booby Baby Blues (actually more like yellows)

While they are certainly flashy, it is also very interesting that they provide a means to tell the difference between the male and female Boobys (okay wise guys, I am aware that there are other ways).  If you look closely the male and female Booby eyes have different sized pupils.  I’m not sure which is which but you can sure tell the difference.

An Eye for an Eye

Okay so we’ve only covered one small feature of this fascinating bird today.  Tune in tomorrow for my favorite BFB photos!

One response

  1. Dee

    Everyone knows that large pupils are signs of sexual attractiveness! Of course it’s the GIRLS that have the large pupils!!

    July 12, 2011 at 8:45 pm

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