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Blue Footed Boobys – Part 2 – Fly’n and Flirt’n

Okay, I promised you my favorite BFB photos.  I’m partial to bird in flight pictures as I enjoy the challenge of capturing the right moments – so naturally my favorite is a BFB in flight ….for at least another second or two.  This was taken on the island of Espanola in the Galapagos just as the Booby was maneuvering to land.  It shows his/or her flying skill, highlights their famous blue feet, and shows some of the environment – why wouldn’t I like it?

"BFB cleared for landing on runway zero-one"

The next pic shows a BFB just cruising up and down the coastline looking for food.  When they find it ,they quickly transition into a guided missile and go crashing into the water to catch whatever poor fishy they are after.  I guess its quite a sight when hundreds of these birds are hunting together but we didn’t have the opportunity to see that while we were there.

Free, Flying, and Fishing....

Once again, this post wouldn’t be complete without an image and description of the BFB mating dance.  I was lucky enough to capture a single photo with the two main features of the dance.  The left Booby has its right foot raised in the air.  It will rock back and forth switching feet and generally looking like any geek in heat.  Then they throw their head back, pull their tail up, and yank their wings into a vertical “v” as if to say “how’s this”.  Not sure I can come up with an analogy to that action other than I’ve seen several San Diego Charger fans do similar things after one of Norv Turner’s “genius” offensive play calls.

Boobys being Boobys...

2 responses

  1. This is a wonderful set. I keep waiting for that other blue foot to come down…

    July 15, 2011 at 11:49 am

  2. Thanks Cathy! They are fun to watch. A little ungainly on the ground and the dance looks pretty silly but great and graceful in the air…

    July 15, 2011 at 12:12 pm

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