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Wildlife of a different sort – Pride parade in San Diego

A bit of a departure for me today – sort of a current events post.  Yesterday was the annual gay pride parade in San Diego – our little community of Hillcrest plays host to over 100,000 people for a parade and party in the park.  I hadn’t been to the parade in many years even though we live only 4 blocks off the heart of the parade route – boy has it grown!  As usual, the parade is led by the hundreds of motorcyclists – affectionately know as the “dykes on bikes”.  They ride everything from fully decked out Harleys to little Vespas.

Lots of leather...

This year’s parade had a notable second feature with gay and lesbian members of the armed services making their first “open” appearance in the festivities.  The crowd was very appreciative of their service and of their newly gained recognition.

DADT is over!

While there were lots of opportunities for very “unusual” photographs, I’ve chosen a few more conventional ones for this post.  The first is just an shot of real life echoing a marketing poster…


The next is just a reflection of my habit of always looking for opportunities to take photos of dogs – after all, can you ever have too many dog photos?

The rare "rainbow tailed terrier"

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