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Great Blue (Heron)

Back to my more familiar wildlife.  Don’t really know why I chose this particular time for this post other than a ran across a photo I took of a Great Blue Heron here in San Diego.  I’ve taken several pics of this elegant bird in the canyon that runs behind our house – but none of these are taken there – I wanted to highlight the range of where you can find these wonderful birds.  This first photo was taken at Lake Murray, a small park here in San Diego.  I went down there early one morning and this one immediately made a low pass over me – great timing!

Great Blue fly-by

The next was taken slightly farther south – all the way down in the Amazon.  We saw several of them down there along the rivers.  I’m no expert but they look very much like our local variety.

Amazonian Blue on a rocky shore

For the last, those of you who have followed my earlier posts might recognize the lava and sand shores of the Galapagos in the background.  This guy was just out there hunting amongst the marine iguanas, the sally lightfoot crabs, the sea lions, wingless cormorants, penguins and all the other “run of the mill” Galapagos creatures.

Must feel left out with all the other Galapagos birds getting top billing...

One response

  1. elmediat

    The first photograph is an excellent composition.

    July 24, 2011 at 7:51 pm

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