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Self Portrait?

I can’t believe I’ve made numerous posts from our South America trip  and not done one on the iconic animals of the Andes – the Llamas, the Alpacas, and the lesser known Vicuna!  It didn’t take long to meet a few of these guys once we arrived in Cusco – there were several of them being paraded around town for us tourists.  While I took the obligatory pics, hopefully the ones in this post are more spontaneous (if only a little) than those “canned” shots.  The above is as close as I came to a self portrait on this trip – if you look closely, there I am – literally sticky a camera in this poor  Llama’s eye….actually I was a few yards away and using a telephoto – but it still may be the only surviving photo of me from South America.

The next one is a close up of a Vicuna – a much smaller animal than the llama and owner of  the “highest quality natural  fiber” on earth.  I’m sure you will agree that these amazingly attractive animals not only dress well but are incredibly cute in their own right.

Makes a deer look like the homely "cousin"

The last photos are ones that have been taken a million times – but I couldn’t figure out how NOT to take them.  The first is a shot of the Llamas at Machu Picchu asserting their “right of way” with the tourists.  It was always a delightful feeling having to back off for one of these guys coming up the stairs.

"Pesky People are always in the way"

And lastly, a shot that I’m sure has been captured and interpreted in many different ways.  Mine?….A Llama making its case that the ruins are a secondary wonder to this very alive and active current inhabitant!

King of the Mountain

One response

  1. elmediat

    Great shots. The eye reflection is well done.

    July 24, 2011 at 7:49 pm

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