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Sierra Sojourn 2011 – part one

As promised, we are back from the Sierras with a few sore muscles, some wet backpacking gear from the afternoon rains (and hail), and alot of new photos.  Thought I’d split this post into two editions to be able to get some more photos posted.  We drove up to Lone Pine, Ca last weds to start our trip.  We were greeted by an ominous looking cloud that was obviously a fire of some sort.

Fire in our destination?

We were relieved to find that the fire was a controlled burn on the far side of the Sierras that should not affect our hike.  So after a fine dinner in Lone Pine and a night camping at the Onion Valley trailhead , we were off to our new home at Matlock Lakes.  It was a relatively short hike but with some significant elevation gain – and well worth it for the views as you can see….

Morning at our Matlock Lakes home base

While my wife Dee and our two compadres, Bob and Dick, went for a short afternoon day hike, I decided to do a little photographic exploration of the lake and surrounding area.  While there wasn’t an abundance of wildlife, I did manage to catch a few shots of the local residents.

Camping croakees

As I walked around the lake edge, there were lots of sudden splashes and activity as I walked along – there were hundreds of these little guys lining the shoreline and occupying every rock and log at the edge of the lake.  Being fresh from the Galapagos taking photos of marine iguanas, I figured I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to shoot some amphibian life.  The other beautiful lakeside adornment were the vast numbers of wildflowers and the usual critters that live on or off of them.  I was lucky to get this shot of  a tiny little butterfly as it sat for split second on one of the  flowers.

Flutterby ....

And of course, no campsite would be complete without the presence of the Sierra Scavengers better known as chipmunks.  This guy is obviously trying to not look at his shadow and avoiding any more winter weather……


Anyway, thats all I have time for right now but be sure to tune in tomorrow for Part II – “Day Hikes and Deer”.

OBTW – for those that are interested in the photographic part of this – these photos were taken with my Panasonic G2  which I took on this trip because of its smaller size and lighter weight (than my Nikon D7000).  I took both the kit 14-42 lens and the 100-300 telephoto.

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