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Part II – Sierra Backpack 2011 – Day Hikes and Deer…

So we woke up on the second day of our backpack to another glorious morning.  The two Matlock lakes were like glass mirrors – I wished that I had bought a wider lens with me to catch all the reflections but I liked the way this first one turned out – Dark but interesting.

The skies have it!

So off we went to conquer Kearsarge Pass (11,760 ft), visit Kearsarge Lake and then return.  This second shot shows a view from the pass down to the Lake on the left.

Kearsarge Lake down below

We trekked down to the lake, my wife Dee “cooled her heels” in the water, and enjoyed a gourmet meal of power bars, granola, and jerky.  About that time the skies started to darken so we thought we’d better start to head back.  One last look at the Kearsarge Pinnacles.

Dark skies coming....

We hiked back in periods of rain, hail, and sun – repeated over and over.  Not really uncomfortable as the temperature was nice and it never really came down too hard.  It was still raining when we got back to home base so we took an afternoon nap and waited for it to clear before Bob served up one of his Gourmet (really!) dinners.  The next morning bought another fabulous sunrise and we set out to climb up to Bench Lake.  Luckily, I had put my telephoto lens on in the hopes of catching some wildlife shots.  We couldn’t have been on the trail for 20 minutes when I spotted a deer sitting on a wooded hillside.  As it turned out, there were four of them there and I was able to get a few good images….

The lookout....

These two had their “rabbit ears” at full attention.  They looked like they were impersonating our Chihuahua!

Do you hear what I hear??

We eventually made it to Bench Lake and above and had some exciting times trying to find a good way back down while blazing some new territory.  We made it back in early afternoon in time for the rains which lasted all the way through dinner – which we had while huddling under a tarp.  Almost immediately after the meal we were treated to a fine punctuation for our hike – a beautiful rainbow combined with a great sunset on the mountains.  Nice couple of days!!

Cue the music......"Somewhere, over the...."

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