Sharing moments in time…

Bearable Solution

To continue the saga….despite my regrets we had a nice ride back to the lodge punctuated by Charlie taking a break in a small alcove right below the major section of the Gorge rapids.  It was a gorgeous afternoon in an unbelievable setting and Charlie told us about how he had established the lodge over time (and many other stories).  Needless to say, I was still kicking myself when I went to bed that evening and I spent a few sleepless hours before I decided to ask Charlie to take us back to the lake as soon as possible.  I was prepared to pay any extra fee for the extra trip or for the disruption we would cause.  At the first opportunity in the morning I apologized to Charlie for my BAD decision but asked if he could take us back to the lake.  He was very understanding and although he said it would be impossible to go that day due to prior commitments of both he and the only other Lake route qualified boat pilot, he would get us up there the first thing the next morning.  The other boat captain/guide, Pat would take us up there and then stay overnight to bring all of us home on Friday as previously scheduled.  I thanked Charlie for his help in solving the problem and we were then able to enjoy a relaxing day knowing that we would return to two days of Bears at the Lake.  We actually spent the day hiking (at our request) the hills downriver a few miles just to get a different view of the landscape and maybe see some inland bears in the process.  We did see some bears but at long distances and not worthy of photos for this blog – so let’s see some others from the previous day at the Lake….this first one is one of my favorites.  It is uncropped and it really gives you a shot of exactly what I was seeing “through the viewfinder” – pretty exciting in my book!!

Charge of the light Bear-gade!

The second looked to me like a Michael Phelps dive into the pool – that is, if Michael were about 700 pounds heavier than he is…

Dive, dive!!

The last one was an indication that even the Bears couldn’t believe that I had chosen to leave them after such an incredible day.  I could hear this one murmuring that he thought that humans were much smarter than that!!

What was he thinking??????

So that’s enough about my folly for now.  Tomorrow we go back to the Lake, under completely different conditions, and try to answer the question “Who is watching who”?

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