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New day, more rain, but Bear school in session

As we left our heroes (the Bears, not us) they were walking down the coast.  We, on the other hand were huddled in our tent during torrential rains and extremely strong winds.  Luckily, the gear that the guides had all worked as advertised and it was surprisingly comfortable.  After Phil served the morning coffee and Pat made a fine breakfast of eggs and sausage, they decided to strike camp before we went looking for the Bears so that we would be ready to leave if there was a break in the storm.  We accomplished that in surprisingly quick time and went back to stream to see what was going on.  As I told you yesterday, the Bears really don’t like the wind and the rain so they couldn’t have been liking this weather since we had a lot of both.  Pat pulled the boat into an area where we seen several bears and we settled in under the cover of the cockpit canopy to see who showed up.  As it turned out we occupied an hour or two watching Pat catch rainbow after rainbow and even Ed tried his hand and caught a few.  We were about ready to take a walk up the stream during a lull in the rain when the Mom and cub (from the night before) showed up about 20 yards across the stream.

A teaching moment....

We again got a fairly good, if wet, opportunity to watch and photograph them as they hunted the Sockeyes.  The Mom almost immediately found what she was looking for and “took the plunge” and came out with a nice catch.

Mom shows her form....

It took “Junior” a little longer but in the end, she went for it….

"look Mom"!

and walked away with a fine trophy.

"I hope I can eat the whole thing"

After a while (and several more photos later) the wind and rain decided to ebb a little into mere hurricane ferocity, so Pat decided it might be a good time to head back home to the lodge.  It was hard to leave this special place and the new relationships we felt we had with these Bears but we still had some ground (water actually) to cover.  Pat got us safely back to the lodge without any incident and we got to tell our tall stories to the fishing guests over dinner.  I’m sure the Bears were doing the same back at the stream…..

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  1. Jennifer

    Beautiful!! Awesome shots!

    August 28, 2011 at 2:22 am

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