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Our Last Bear – but a good one it was

On our last day in the lodge, we took a very relaxing drift down the river with Pat rowing to keep us off the sandbars or getting overturned in the rapids.  We also found another Bear and this one entertained us for quite some time in two separate sessions.  We first saw him just as we were finishing our bag lunch while beached on a sandbar – we were just ready to start drifting again when he walked out on the riverbank to our right.  He immediately found his own lunch and proceeded to chow down.

Our final Bear starts his show for us....

Again, we watched him in the River for quite a while until he wandered back through the bushes.  We went around the island and found him fishing again in a small, protected little cove.  We watched him there for a LONG time and took way too many pictures as he fished, scratched himself, played with sticks, rolled around in the grass, and actually walked to within a few yards of us to check US out.  I just picked out a few of the images to illustrate some of his shenanigans.  This first one was when he purposely came down to get close to us and then threw himself on his back and rolled around – all to indicate that he wasn’t disturbed in the least by our presence.

"Roll'n on the River...."

After that, he went back to his lagoon, submerged for a while and came back up with a large stick that he chewed on and played with for several minutes.  During that time, I took this shot which could only be interpreted as the Bear imitating the fly-fishermen that he sees all the time on the river.

"How do they catch anything this way? Claws are much better"

I couldn’t decide what photo to finish this series with but finally decided on this one with our star shaking the water off his mane after a dive – it reminded me then of our dogs at home and it signified that it was time to go back to our more domestic beasties.

Shake it up Baby....

So its time to return to more mundane surroundings after a fabulous trip to the wilderness of the Katmai and the Alagnak River.  We will forever be grateful to our guides Russell, Phil, and Pat: to Charlie and Helen; and to the entire wonderful staff at the Alaska Adventures Lodge. To paraphrase the immortal Douglas Adams, “So long, and thanks for the Bears….”

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  1. Marlene Schieffer


    August 29, 2011 at 4:16 pm

  2. Thanks Marlene – it truly was an amazing experience.

    September 1, 2011 at 9:08 am

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