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A day on the bay

We had the great fortune yesterday of spending the day on the boat of our friends Ken and Sue (even though he is my ex-boss!) and enjoying a visit by some “tall ships” to San Diego Bay.   Their boat is named “America” and is adorned with the red, white, and blue everywhere so I thought it appropriate to begin this post with that theme also.

Old Glory flies proudly over the bay....

It was a little windy and choppy on the bay and some of the smaller boats  had a pretty  exciting ride.  You can almost hear this furry crew member asking its master for a little doggy dramamine…..

"do I look like a waterdog to you???"

Luckily, America was a much more capable vessel and we charted a course to the shelter of Glorieta Bay and anchored for a leisurely  lunch and a relaxing afternoon.  As we were dropping anchor we saw a new attraction that none of us had seen before – a guy whipping around the bay with a water jet harness strapped to his back.  It looked like great fun but after watching for a while it was obvious that he was the “demo guy”.  He could make it do what he wanted but others who tried it had a much harder time.

It looked ungainly with the hose and the water pump trailing, but he was having a great time

After watching the jet pack show for a while, we headed back to the tall ships who were busy staging a mock battle on the bay firing canons at each other.  It was a fun watching them play “Master and Commander”  and take shots at each other every time they passed.

"fire when ready"

There is certainly nothing more majestic that one of these incredible ships from our past underway under full sails….

red sails in the sunset

It was a great afternoon and we are  grateful to Ken and Sue for sharing their America with us.   Before we left the bay we took one quick swing past the “shore batteries” where I was able to get a “shot” of the honorary battery commander preparing to fire…

make it go BOOM!

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