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Cormorant Take-Off

I don’t know whether anyone but me is interested, but I always love to watch cormorants take-off.  They skip any number of times across the water until they finally decide to fly.  I had an opportunity this morning to catch a sequence of shots of a take-off.  Not my best photography from an artistic sense but maybe interesting anyway?



Eurasian Eagle Owl

Another action shot from the San Diego Safari Park.  They do two shows a day where they fly a number of rare or unusual bird species around their outdoor amphitheater.  I was anxious to get a photo of the owl flying because I’ve had an owl hooting outside my bedroom at about 4:00 am every morning for the last week.  I have been tempted to get up and try to get a photo but he seems to just hoot a couple of times and then either moves on or shuts up – in any case, I don’t think its likely that I’d get a chance at him.  So this owl was my fallback position – I hope you find these silent flyers as fascinating as I do.  OBTW – this species is one of the largest owls (but this one isn’t that big).

Frequent Flyer at the Park

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden (#2)

This is the first time I’ve submitted more than one entry into a challenge.  I was looking at Maggie’s great entry at  and it reminded me of one of my Alaska pictures that fits this challenge perfectly…..

Like an iceberg - 95% below the surface

Believe it or not, that is a full grown grizzly (brown) bear.  He is underwater searching for salmon.  I like the shot because it leaves SO much for the imagination.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hidden

Well nothing immediately comes to mind on this one – except this photo I took at the San Diego Safari Park last week.  This is a bat eared fox from Africa.  He and a couple of his cohorts were definitely trying to hide behind some trees but couldn’t escape the long reach of my lens….


You can't see me.....

Great Egret – okay, pretty much an average one

In any case, that’s what this is picture of  – a great egret (as opposed to the other kinds of egrets) standing in the tide waters of the san diego river inlet.  I was after the reflections but I think the thing that I like about this picture is the colors in the plants growing out of the pond.  We don’t get the spectacular  color change that much of the rest of the US does but this is a nice contrast to “snow white” and her upside down sister…..

Are great egrets really better than snowy egrets?


Not sure why I like this shot other than the fact that I love anything that has to do with our canine friends.  While the photo may look like a black and white, it is actually in color but the morning fog took the zing out of any color.  I took this at one of local “dog beaches”  –  I was actually looking for wildlife being reflected in the still morning waters but happened to catch this reflection instead.  I’d be very interested in your comments on this photo – As I said, I like it but I’m not sure why…..

Fog is no reason not to have fun....

Smile….you’re on candid camera!

Sorry to resort to another Lion shot but I really liked the expression on this big guy’s face.  I can’t look at it and not imagine that he is smiling.  Who wouldn’t want to get up close and personal with such a happy creature…..unless you happen to be a wildebeest of course:-)   Double click the photo to step right into the lions den!

"come a little closer my dear..."


Reflections in Flight

Happy Tuesday.  Today’s picture is just a quick snapshot of some sandpipers in formation skimming the surface of the San Diego river.  It was a still, overcast morning so there was little to differentiate between the sky and its reflection on the water.

Wings and Water

Monday Funny

So its almost Halloween, time for pumpkins, ghosts, and headless…..lions!?!  While at the animal park the other day, I got one of those great opportunities where a picture just jumps out at you…..

I kind of lost my head....

I was “heading” over to watch the cheetah run, came around the corner to the lion area, and the first thing I saw was this image.  Hope you enjoy!

“Puddy Tat”

A very large Puddy Tat during nap time.  The Wild Animal Park has a very nice Lion exhibit where you can get unobstructed shots of the big cats.  This was in the afternoon – I liked the shadows and the partial light on her eyes.  I find Lions to be incredibly attractive and I can’t wait to get back to Africa in December to get some good photos in the wild.  Until then, this one and some others I have to share will have to do.  Click the photo to enlarge – click her face twice to look her in the eye.

Shadowed Hunter