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Pelican Portraits

Home again and still experimenting with my new lens so I thought I’d go find some of my favorite wildlife practice partners – pelicans.  For those of you not from California, you need to know that this has been a banner year for pelicans around here.  For some reasons they are much more plentiful than most years with flights of up to 100 in a flock.  I took a few shots I’ve taken before and then tried to get some up close looks hoping to use the strengths of this new lens.  This first closeup I was just trying to get the details of the eyes and face backed by the bokeh (blurred background with highlights) provided by the reflections off the sea.

Good morning, sunshine.....

The next is just a simple bird in flight shot again trying to capture the pelican against a blurred texture of the sea.  In this case he (or she) was getting ready to land so the landing gear was coming down……

"we've been cleared to land - return your seat backs to their upright and locked position.."


One response

  1. Another perfect shot!

    October 21, 2011 at 9:17 am

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