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Zoo visit – Sun Bear

After our up-close and personal visit to the Brown Bears of Alaska this might be kind of a let down but I went to the zoo yesterday and spent some time with the  Sun Bears.  Much smaller than the Grizzlies but still with the incredible claws and reeking of power with every step.  One of the things that always catches my eye in photographing wildlife….is THEIR eyes and the Sun Bears were no exception.

The eyes have it.....

This Bear just seemed to have those mournful and expressive eyes that seemed to pleading for open spaces.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love zoos and recognize their role in acquainting us with nature, its mysteries, and importance – but I always have the mixed feeling when I go there that these creatures were meant to be free and are missing out on their “natural” lives.  While this Bear was obviously comfortable and well taken care of in our beautiful San Diego Zoo, I just couldn’t help but imagine him dreaming of the wilds of Borneo….

there's no place like home....


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