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A walk….and a song

Leaves are falling, just like embers….

Colors red and gold,

They set us on fire,

Just like  moonbeams,  in our eyes….

As some of you know, I also dabble in playing the acoustic guitar and I can get songs stuck in my head as I try to learn them.  As we were wandering down the Potomac on Saturday, snapping a few pictures of the fall colors – those are the words that kept flashing through my mind.  They are from a great song called “Killing the Blues” by Rowland Salley. I think he might have had something like this in mind as he wrote.

Colors Red and Gold - they set us on fire....

Just so you get the full effect of the words and the song, here’s  Shawn Colvin’s great version of the song on YouTube……she does it just a tad better than I do 🙂