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Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

I tried to take a picture of “my girls” this afternoon – in lousy light and with lots of distractions.  At first I was trying to get them all to have their eyes open and a pleasant look but that proved much beyond all of our attention spans.  We finally opted for the “make everyone look equally bad” shot and here it is….I’m entering this in the worst photograph category for this week’s challenge….

Dysfuntional Family Portrait

Low Rider

Sorry for not posting as much lately but between travels in my consulting gig and just no time while at home it has been hectic.  I did manage to get a few shots at the beach again – and again they were of some of my favorite targets – pelicans.  I am always fascinated by their ungainly movement on land followed by their mastery of the air currents as they skim the wave tops or surface of the water.

Skimming for snacks?