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Next member of the “big 5” – the Rhino

If you’re familiar with African safaris, there is always a lot of hype around seeing/photographing the “big 5” – it is in virtually all of the advertising for these types of trips.  The big 5 are, in no particular order, the elephant, the rhino, the lion, the leopard and the cape buffalo.  What many people don’t know is the origin of the term “big 5”.  It is actually a term used by game hunters to describe the 5 animals that were the hardest (and most dangerous) to hunt on foot.  In today’s world it is much more commonly used to gauge whether you’ve seen the animals that you “should see” on a safari.  It is actually very misleading as there is so much more to see than these 5 animals.  In any case, today’s photo is a pair of white rhinos.  Our guide told us that it actually started out to be called the WIDE rhino but people misunderstood it and it turned into the white rhino.  This photo was taken at dusk and there were actually 3 rhinos in the group.  They seemed to be a little nervous that we were there and kept rearranging their formation.  The White Rhino (count this as number 3 of the big five in our virtual safari….).

Wide load

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