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Archive for January 30, 2012


Sorry for experimenting on the blog but thought that at least a few of you (photographers) might be interested.  I’m starting to get ready for a scuba diving trip to Fiji in March.  With my increased interest in photography, I figured it was time to upgrade my diving photo gear.  I was using a Panasonic ZS-6 point and shoot camera with a panasonic underwater housing and it took really nice photos for such an inexpensive set. I first looked at getting an underwater housing for my Nikon D7000 but after doing the research, the housing I would have wanted, ports for the lenses that I would want to use, and an external strobe light would have cost more than I was prepared to invest as we normally only dive once or twice a year.  In the end, I decided on purchasing a Sony Nex-5N camera which is a small, interchangeable lens camera that has a large sensor (which in large part determines the quality of the images) that is identical to the one in my D7000.  This outfit was relatively inexpensive and it had the added advantages of being very small and light, simple to operate, good video capabilities, yet having the options to operate like a DSLR.  I finally got all the bits and pieces in and wanted to try out the system in low light and on a very small subject.  This is a photo I took of a small wooden carving that we bought in New Mexico.  I took it in a dark closet with the strobe and with the macro lens attached.  I’m pretty encouraged with what this kit will do.  This camera will also be my “carry it on the slopes” ski camera from now on so you can expect to see more photos using it next week….

Again, I apologize for posting an experiment but hope you might be interested anyway.