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“Tweenager” Bald Eagle

If you’ve seen some of my Alaska photos, you know we got the opportunity to “capture” lots of Bald Eagles including many juveniles and many fully mature birds.  On our drive along Utah hwy 128 we saw numerous eagles (both Golden and Bald) sitting on the tops of the prairie dunes looking for prey.  It seemed like there were lots of juveniles and many more eagles than we had seen in this area on previous trips (good news!).  My subject for today’s post is a “tweener”  bald eagle – somewhere between the mottled white and brown of a juvenile bird and the fully mature white headed bird well known as a symbol of our country.  This change normally happens when the eagles reach sexual maturity at between 4 and 5 years of age.  This particular bird was sitting on a perch that many of telephone poles had on them – I assume to keep them off the wires themselves?

"What are YOU looking at?"

The second photo shows the perch and more of his “transition” plumage.