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yEARling Moose

I was hoping to see Moose in Yellowstone but I actually never did – at least not within the Park boundaries.  I stayed two nights in a little family owned lodge called the Grizzly Lodge in the VERY little town of Silver Gate which is 1/4 mile outside the Northeast corner of the Park.  When I checked in I asked one of the owners about where to see wildlife in or around the town.  She said that there had been a Moose cow and its calf just across a little stream from the lodge for the last few days.  I walked over there with my camera that night but of course, they were nowhere to be found.  Not to be discouraged, when I got up the next morning (before breakfast) I took another quick peek over in that area and found the calf right by the stream munching on the local fauna.  I grabbed my camera, went across the stream and was able to slowly get very close to the young yearling.  I was very wary of the mother Moose as you NEVER want to get between a mother moose and its child!   I kept a close lookout for her but I never did see her.  I’m sure she was very close by but I couldn’t find her.  In any case – meet the “baby”.

I’m sure he heard me coming from a long ways away…..