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Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Hi everyone!  Sorry for my missing this week’s challenge and my lack of posts.  I was in New Mexico but I expected to have connectivity – unfortunately the lodge I stayed at was having network issues!  This post is to keep my streak of  Challenges intact. This is a photo from the Kenai Fjords area of Alaska – 3 oystercatchers on a diagonal in the rain.  It shows that “near and far” can also happen within just a few inches – in this case, I used a narrow depth of  field and blurred both the near and far “catcher” while focusing on the center one.  The birds were also kind enough to provide a diagonal formation to lead us into the photo.  Lastly, it was pretty dark out there in the rain (and with a relatively slow lens) so I had to use a slow shutter speed.  I think that also contributes to the photo as it caught the raindrops as streaks rather than drops…..

I know this isn’t what the challenge leader intended (landscapes) but I think it works for a whole different reason – hope you agree.

Near, Far, and just right!