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A symbol of the southwest

I just got back from a quick roadtrip to New Mexico.  I couldn’t think of a more appropriate subject to start my short photo essay on that trip than the iconic roadrunner.  These unique birds are most often seen running along the ground or flying for short distances before resuming their trek.  It is a less frequent sight to catch them up in a tree so I thought I’d post this image of one that flew into a tree not to far from where I was sitting in my car.

Safe from that wily Coyote…..

I also got the opportunity to catch this “related species” (wink, wink) during my trip – the even more rare RAILROAD RUNNER!

“I see that train a- com’in….”

I have to relate one sad story from the trip.  As I was returning from the area where I took these photos, a roadrunner ran out in front of me on the freeway.  It would have completely crossed my path but it saw a car that was trying to pass me, reversed course, and there was nothing I could do to avoid it.  I am still bummed at having destroyed one of my favorite creatures.