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Thought this might do for a little light-hearted Monday post.  I saw this scene in a little street shop store in Menton, France and just thought it was cute.  The only question is …..what are they all looking at?

“Eyes right!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

I’m sure that I’m biased by our recent trip but one thing that is very prevalent along foreign coasts are beautiful little towns, centered around their local harbor, and made up of very picturesque pastel colored dwellings and other buildings.  The photo below is of one of the small towns that make up the Cinque Terre area of the Italian Coast.  Unfortunately for this area, they are suffering from many collapsing hillsides due to recent floods.  While you can normally hike between the 5 towns that make up this area, all those trails were closed due to the instability of the hillsides.  Despite that, the area is incredibly beautiful and provides a definitive example for these “foreign” (at least to us American tourists) style coastal villages.

Cinque Terre – perched and pretty towns!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Hi everyone – finally back in the good ole USA and getting reacquainted with our dogs.  Sorry for not posting recently but we had a period of no (or very expensive) connectivity in Europe.  I wanted to at least keep my streak of challenge posts alive by a late submittal for last week’s challenge.  This photo was taken in Rapallo, Italy on a gorgeous night after a wonderful hike to the beautiful little town and harbor at Portofino.  Shot this just before dinner and really liked the silhouette combined with the evening clouds and the streetlamps that had just come on.  Hope you like it.

Lights, clouds, and some guy pointing …….

Beware – terminally cute Riviera Dog photo

Normally when we travel I end up taking as many dog photos as people.  They are often more cooperative with good poses and they hardly ever get mad when you take their picture.  I took this little guy as we were sitting in an outdoor cafe in the town of Menton on the riviera.  She gave me this little look and held it long enough for me to take the shot.  I showed the photo to the “parents” who gave me their card/email so that I could send them the photo.  In the meantime, I thought I’d share it with all of you.  Have a great weekend!

Don’t try to tell me this dog doesn’t know how cute she is!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

This one was an easy choice as we spent the day yesterday in the tiny principality of Monaco.  Outside their outstanding Museum of Oceanography they had a sculpture of baby that dwarfed anything that I had seen before.  For context the building in the background is the museum.

I’d hate to change those diapers!! Wait, where ARE the diapers??

Yesterday’s hike – in B&W

Yesterday we hiked from just beyond Monaco to the beautiful little village of Menton.  Although it is a very colorful town, I took some photos that I thought also looked good in B&W – Hope you like them.  This first one is looking from the walking trail back at Monaco and Monte Carlo.

Vista view Riviera – thats a lot of “Vs” for one caption!

The second photo is of the chapel steeple that peers down on the town of Menton from the highest vantage point along the coast.  A beautiful sight.

A view from below Menton



Welcome to the French Riviera

We are staying in the very nice city of Nice!  It is a great town with many restaurants and things to do and it will serve as our base to hike the Riviera over the next week.  This is a photo from today’s walk out to St. Jean-Cap -Ferrat a little town out on peninsula jutting out from the coast.  The walk was on a pedestrian pathway along the sea and was unbelievably scenic.  This scene if from early in our walk when the light was still very good off the colorful buildings by the sea.

Golden light on the Gold coast


Varenna, italy

Just time for a quick post of a gorgeous little town on Lake Como.  It is very charming and features a castle up on the hill which makes for a nice hike.  We are actually already down on the Rivera but thought I’d get this”on the board”.  Chow!!

Beauty with a (small) beach

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Hello again from Bellagio.  Saw the challenge title and thought of at least a couple of photos to share.  This first one shows that happiness is about being able to scratch that itch (whatever or where-ever it is).

Thats got it!!

Another definition of happiness could be the presence of a friend to share things with….like this.

Otterly Happy


Lake Como – Italy

Hi everyone!  In case you were wondering where I’ve been – we’re in Europe for a few weeks so don’t expect too much wildlife but maybe some nice scenery and travel photos.  Here’s a photo from where we are now – at Lake Como in Italy on the south side of the Alps.  It is a very large lake not too far from Milan and it is sprinkled with some very picturesque  little towns and villages.  This is photo from the town of Managgio just a short ferry ride across the lake from where are staying at Bellagio.

all this and great food also!