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For people tired of election hysteria…

Here are a few photos to help you mellow out.  I’m Scott Randall and I approved this message.

Take a breath….

This is a sunset above Lake Como Italy showing one of the many ferries that go between the towns.

Fly away……..

A seagull floats over the Lake.


and relax with friends in a happy place like this cafe/restaurant in Nice, France.

Be carefree…..

Like this child running through a garden fountain in France.

Notice and enjoy something silly…..

Like this reflected image of a carousel after a rainstorm in Rapallo, Italy.

Marvel at Nature…..

Like this young man in Mallorca, Spain.

and just free yourself to Chill….

Like this young lady on the beach in Menton, France.

Don’t worry – it’ll all be over tomorrow night…..(and then a different kind of fun starts all over again!)