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“Quoth the Raven – Nevermore”

I’ve taken various photos of Ravens at different times and places and have always been disappointed in the results.  They are difficult models due to their dark colors hiding the details or the sheen of their feathers blowing out any highlights.  This is probably the best Raven shot I’ve done to date.  There were a number of these amazing birds surfing the air currents off of Santa Rosa island (part of the Channel Islands National Park) about 30 miles off the coast of California, north of LA) where we were camping last week.  I figured with the monochromatic nature of the bird that a Black and White processing might be effective – I added a little blue tint to give it a more “cool” look.   Hope you enjoy it.

Raven riding the wind

Raven riding the wind

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

An interesting theme this week – I had to think a little about what to post.  I finally decided on the photo below – not because it is a masterpiece in itself but to me it is reminisient of the Mona Lisa.  The serene look on the woman’s face and the gently crossed hands bring a sense of calm and peace to me – I’m anxious to hear what you all think.

My "Mona LIsa"

My “Mona LIsa”

The photo was taken in Fiji during a nature hike in the jungle.  We wandered upon a corrugated metal building that some farmers were living in and there she was.  I only had a second to catch her mood  and was unable to frame her without the overhanging branches in the picture – but I always enjoy it and it brings me back to that quiet moment every time I look at it – maybe thats the definition of masterpiece.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

I’ve been waiting to use this photo and I think this might be a perfect time.  I can’t think of anything “fresher” than the faces of these two young fox kits as they explore their new world with the bright eyes and exuberance of youth.

"What are those things over there???"

“What are those things over there???”

Yellowstone – Just an-otter animal….

While in Yellowstone we took a couple of short hikes up to Trout Lake – due to reports of Otter activity (including a few families) and also Grizzly sightings.  While we didn’t get to see multiple otters or any bear up there, this Otter came by and posed for several shots pretty close to us.  Happy Monday!

Otterly calm water...

Otterly calm water…

He climbed up on a nearby log and just preened for a while before retiring to his den….

Look at me!

Look at me!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Golden Hour

Great topic with many wonderful opportunities.  Here’s a couple from the Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico last December.  All of these are Sandhill Cranes during their winter stay in the south.  All three of these are at different stages of the Golden Hour.  The first is just when the sun is slightly above the horizon, lighting the crane but not the surrounding hills.


Landing lights on….

The next was taken about 20 minutes later – Sandhills on the pond as the magnificent New Mexico sun slips behind the mountains and paints the sky….

The cranes seem to enjoy the New Mexico sunset also!

The cranes seem to enjoy the New Mexico sunset also!

The last photo was taken almost immediately after the previous one.  One of the final Sandhills coming in during the last light of the golden hour.

Last light landing

Last light landing



Rude Awakening….

I was down at the children’s beach in La Jolla a week or so ago testing out some new gear on one of my favorite local subjects – the California Sea Lions.  This very cute, young white sea lion was happily snoozing away when a wave came crashing over him and made him readjust his position.  He may have been ticked off but it gave me this fun stop-action capture of the wave as it engulfed his little face……



Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

One of my favorite nostalgic places is an old gas station, surrounded and filled inside with antiques, between Santa Fe and Taos New Mexico.  I’m sorry but I don’t remember the name of the little village where the station is located but it is definitely worth a stop if you are passing through.  The owner and proprietor is also extremely friendly and a wealth of information about the local area and its history.  I’ve included two shots here that might stir a few memories of years gone by.  The first one goes back to the days of wagon wheels and the old west….

Wagon Wheels

Wagon Wheels

If that photo brings back memories, you might also want to go see the new “Lone Ranger” movie – I saw it earlier this week and, despite the mixed reviews, it is very enjoyable.  The second photo was taken inside the station and shows the great collection of old gas pump signs/lights as well as many other artifacts of the early days of automobile travel.  Hope these shots bring back happy memories and thoughts….

How many of these did you or your parents visit?

How many of these did you or your parents visit?

Yellowstone – Momma what big teeth you have…

Another photo of the momma fox with one of her kits.  Not quite sure what is going on here but the kit sure seems to “looking into the teeth” of the situation….

"okay Mom, I'll go to need to threaten me...."

“okay Mom, I’ll go to bed…no need to threaten me….”

Nepal – Early Morning Macaques

Macaques in the Morning

Macaques in the Morning

Thought I’d change up the photos a little and go back to some of the India and Nepal captures.  This was one of my favorites that I hadn’t shared yet.  This is from Bardia National Park in Nepal.  We were waiting for the park to open one morning and were just wandering around just inside the park.  I saw these two young Macaques sitting in a tree, tucked behind the leaves but with the light of the rising sun in their eyes.  It was still pretty dim light but I was lucky to be able to get a few shots looking up between the branches.  You gotta admit that these guys are cute!