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Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

An interesting theme this week – I had to think a little about what to post.  I finally decided on the photo below – not because it is a masterpiece in itself but to me it is reminisient of the Mona Lisa.  The serene look on the woman’s face and the gently crossed hands bring a sense of calm and peace to me – I’m anxious to hear what you all think.

My "Mona LIsa"

My “Mona LIsa”

The photo was taken in Fiji during a nature hike in the jungle.  We wandered upon a corrugated metal building that some farmers were living in and there she was.  I only had a second to catch her mood  and was unable to frame her without the overhanging branches in the picture – but I always enjoy it and it brings me back to that quiet moment every time I look at it – maybe thats the definition of masterpiece.