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Bummer! Oh well….on to the next adventure

As I mentioned in my last post, we were worried about the weather in the wilderness area that we were going to.  As it turns out the weather got even worse – to the extent that it pretty much destroyed the camp that we were going to.  Our guide and his guests were stranded in an awful storm but were finally able to get a plane in to take everyone out – tired, wet, but unharmed.  Unfortunately, our bear adventure has been cancelled.  We’re kind of scrambling to figure out what we are going to do while we are here but it looks like we’ll be able to go out to a lodge on Lake Clark for at least two days with the Bears.  In the meantime, I’ll try to give you some updates on where we go from here… gotta love Alaska.

This photo is the closest we’ve gotten to our quest so far…..


In the meantime, we’ll have put up with the lousy scenery around here…….

View from outside our window this morning

View from outside our window this morning