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Another comment on the Budget mess – and a nice Owl picture

As much as I tried, I can’t resist another photographic comment on the US budget impasse.  I chose this photo because of the adage of the “wise old owl”.  It is time for our “leaders” to get the truly wise people together, discard the harmful rehetoric of the “wise guys” (those with more bluster than knowledge), and  find the common ground that we all know is there.  Any of us who have ever been in a management and/or leadership position know that these types of compromises are made on a daily basis at all levels of organizations.  Just lock yourself in a room until you get it done.

The wisest member of the House?

The wisest member of the House?

The second subliminal message of this post meant for our leaders is WE ARE WATCHING YOU, WE REMEMBER…….and WE VOTE.