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A final political comment – And a photo of an American Icon

Well, it looks like our artificial political crisis is about to end.  There has been billions of dollars of damage to our economy, much hardship to all of the people affected by the government shutdown, a needless hit to our reputation as a credible world economic leader, and a large amount of angst worldwide.  All of this resulting in a very short-term agreement and one that was essentially approved by the senate (with the president’s support) over a month ago.  Throw in the fact that most of this was driven by representatives of a very small percentage of the American people and this becomes even more concerning.  Congress really needs to re-evaluate how the process is meant to work versus how it was allowed to collapse this time in order to avoid the next crisis – already scheduled for just a few months from now.

I’ve chosen this photo of an American symbol, the bald eagle, for todays post.  My selection was guided by two intents:

1) to remind my countrymen and their representatives that we are all Americans and should be joined by our values, our heritage, and our place in the world to work together to solve the hard but soluble problems that confront us as a nation, and

2) this particular eagle did not appear to be in a very good mood but I think it reflects the feelings of the vast majority of Americans that we are disgusted with some of our elected “leaders”.  While the eagle has the option of flying out, killing something, and eating it…..we only have the option to exercise our right to vote – and I, for one, will.

Congress: Get your act together!!

Congress: Get your act together!!