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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hue

In approaching this challenge I just looked at how we approached the color palette for our remodeled master bedroom.  The room has numerous french doors and windows looking out at our backyard which backs up on Balboa Park in San Diego.  As you can imagine, green is the dominant color and then it is accented by some amazing built-in wood furniture that we had custom made for the room.  Although it is a small room in has the feel of the great outdoors.  Looking around the rest of the house, the theme is the same, greens and browns accentuated by wood accents – all very natural feeling.  So I started to look for a photo also reflecting that theme and it became very easy as I had one of my favorite photos from our recent trip to Alaska on my desktop.  The out-of-the camera version of this photo had very vivid greens from the sedge field that I wanted to tone down a little.  To do that, I surrounded the adorable subjects of the photo with a white vignette.  Interestingly, it very closely matches the colors in the room I am sitting in as I write this….

Colors of Nature - and Love?

Colors of Nature – and Love?