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Elephants heading “home”?

Who knows where they were really going….or what they consider home?  In any case, I offer this photo as an apology for not posting anything this week (until now).  I’ve been working on a photo show that my traveling companions and I can use to tell people about our incredible trip to Africa and it has taken a lot of time.

This is one of my favorite photos from our trip.  Groups of elephants typically travel in lines like the one shown but I liked this one as it shows them cresting a hill (what is on the other side?), heading into a dramatic sky, and it also highlights the beautiful landscape of trees and rocks in the northern Serengeti.  I did it in B&W (as I did with many other elephant photos) as it seems to “equalize” the grey elephants with their surroundings rather than have them overwhelmed by the colors of the landscape.  I hope you like it – and I’ll get back to my series of posts on our trip next week…..

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