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Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic (2)

Since I was already looking at some of my “old west” photos for this week’s challenge, I thought I’d just include one more…..  This photo was taken further along the same drive as the road starts into the river canyon.  This was an active farm but they obviously wanted to showcase some of their old “relics”.

Gett'in ready to "tot them bales"?

Gett’in ready to “tot them bales”?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

As soon as I saw the subject of this week’s challenge, I immediately thought of a series of photos I took outside of Moab, Utah a few years ago.   Coming back from a ski trip to Colorado, we decided to go through Moab via the beautiful highway 128.  Along the way we came across this old ghost town right by the side of the road.  Although we didn’t spend much time there, I did snap a few photos of these relics (houses and vehicles) of days gone by.

Desert Relics

Desert Relics