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Comic-Con Edition 2014

I mentioned last week that Comic-Con was making its annual appearance here in San Diego.  It is always a marvelous show with thousands of people running around town in full regalia even if you don’t know who their costumes represent.  I didn’t get down there until Sunday after many of the events were over, but it was still quite a show and quite a crowd!  Vampires and zombies are always well represented and many of them, even if they are the living dead, show a surprising amount of skin…..

I'd like to bite your......

I’d like to bite your……

There are long lines for just about every presentation but they are always made more enjoyable by the unusual characters that are in every line…..

Sasquatch and friends

Sasquatch and friends

It seems to be very popular among couples and families.  People fly in from all over – some even use airplanes!

Love birds?

Love birds?

Many don’t come in costumes they just attend the various presentations throughout the four days – but even some of them end up with masks and different faces…….

two faced?

two faced?

And of course, since this is an American gathering, there has to be…..lots of firearms of all sorts.  Luckily, these are all of the sort that can’t hurt anyone.

I'm sure they all have background checks.....

I’m sure they all have background checks…..

And finally, there are always ambiguous sights where you can’t figure out whether the people are just families or whether they are the lead characters in some kind of weird show about clones……..

Orphan Black...and Red?

Orphan Black…and Red?

Hope you enjoyed our short visit to Comic-con.  I only stayed there for an hour or two – it gets scary down there with all those monsters and vampires at night!