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Monday Mountains

Thought I’d post this shot from our return trip home from Grand Teton/Yellowstone last week.  We went through Grand Teton National Park at mid-day so the light wasn’t at its best.  That being said, the Teton peaks were visible and had some interesting cloud clover, there was still some good color in the valley trees, and there were horses along the fence line.  I thought it all made for a very nice scene.  Hope you enjoy also!

Nice day to be a horse.....

Nice day to be a horse…..

Teton Calm

We’re off on the road again and arrived in Jackson, Wy on Sunday.  It wasn’t a very pretty day but as night approached, it became very still and quiet.  We had made our way to a beaver pond but it was too late and too dark to photograph animals so we just enjoyed the scene and took a few long exposure shots of the mountains and the fall foliage reflected in the ponds…..

Nice way to end the day

Nice way to end the day

OBTW – the Beaver’s den is shown in the foreground of the photo.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

I haven’t posted many wildlife photos lately so I’ll use this opportunity to highlight an animal that depends on its endurance to thrive – the African Hyena.  Hyenas are not the fastest, strongest, or  stealthiest predator out there  – but they are one of the most successful.  During our trip to Africa this winter, we got to watch these under-rated hunters in action on several occasions.

Confident Hunter

Confident Hunter

The first Hyena we saw was in Uganda – it walked right by our vehicle in the early morning and was not at all concerned with our presence.  We then watched it and several of its friends try to corner a group of Kob.  This photo shows one of the Hyenas in hot pursuit of the herd.  While we did not witness the end game of this encounter it was obvious that the Hyenas were just wearing down the Antelopes until they could get a shot at a weak one.

Danger closing in....

Danger closing in….

When we got to Tanzania, we saw an entirely different tactic, a single Hyena going after a small family group of gazelles.  It locked in on one of the babies, and despite the best efforts of the parents to protect it, just waited until the young one tired out and finally made its kill.

Endurance wins out

Endurance wins out

I’ll spare you the graphic final moment of the encounter – you get the point.

I’ll end with one last interesting Hyena photo.  On our last morning in Tanzania, a group of six Hyena surrounded our vehicle and wouldn’t leave – they circled the car and examined us all very closely.  I took this photo out of our top hatch so that you can see how close they were and the attention they were giving us.

Endurance - Is he trying to wait us out?

Endurance – Is he trying to wait us out?

When we finally drove off – they ran after the truck for quite some time…..not sure what we would have done if they followed us to the airport…..


Morning Ride in Rotenburg – another “Humanity” moment

I submitted an earlier entry for this week’s photo challenge but I thought I’d post this one also.  This was taken in the medieval town of Rotenburg Germany – a charming little town with a wall surrounding the entire city.  It has been restored to its glory years and is a great place to visit.  We were sitting in an outdoor cafe having a local brew and I took a few pics of people passing by.  I really liked this one for some reason – its not a great photo but I thought it caught an interesting moment between mother and daughter.  Mom’s face tells you that she was concentrating on maneuvering the bike on the cobblestone streets while her daughter was just enjoying the ride and her surroundings.  A moment that will pass un-noticed by them but one I can enjoy and remember through this photo.

a passing moment ...or a lasting memory?

a passing moment …or a lasting memory?

Monday Funny – Two unexpected pleasures in one….

While we were walking around on a beautiful afternoon in Vienna, we were surprised by an a-capella vocal group who just got out of a bus and started singing – a beautiful Austrian tune with some yodeling thrown in.  As we were listening to them, I couldn’t help but notice another face joining in the group from the background – not nearly as melodious or inviting – but a pretty funny juxtaposition…..

Didn't know Jack could sing...

Didn’t know Jack could sing…

In case you were wondering what the group sounded like…….I videoed the last part of their beautiful song……



Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

I took this photo in Rottenburg Germany a few weeks ago.  The love and affection of this grandmother to the young child shows the essence of humanity.  To me it shows both the needs the child and the support that is provided by the extended family unit.  This relationship is basic to the human condition across all national and geographic boundaries.

Family and Humanity - the two go hand in hand

Family and Humanity – the two go hand in hand


A crowded, rainy day in Prague

We were in Prague for a few days following our river cruise.  It is a beautiful city (as you’ll see in upcoming posts) but I thought I’d post a different photo today.  I took this photo on the St. Charles bridge in mid afternoon and in the pouring rain. In looking at the photo, I found the pattern and colors of the umbrellas to be more compelling than the grey background of the Prague skyline so I decided I’d focus my processing on that.  This is much more abstract than what I normally do but thought you might enjoy it anyway.

Rainy Day Praha

Rainy Day Praha

Just in case you’re interested, here’s what the original photo looked like……


Quiet Danube Morning

While on our cruise I tried to get up early to enjoy the quiet sights of the rivers in the morning.  This scene of a working  barge was captured at about 6:15 one morning approaching a town with a beautiful cathedral in the background and a little ground fog still coming off the river.  Sometimes it pays to be an early riser….

Start of the day on the river

Start of the day on the river

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

Well, we are just returned from 3 weeks in Europe but I wouldn’t classify that trip as an adventure.  It was very enjoyable but fairly quiet and even.  As a contrast, I would classify our trips to camp with the Brown Bears in Alaska or our African trips as adventures – not only because of wildness of the areas but also because you are always in the presence of animals with minds of their own.  I don’t mean that these activities are hazardous – but they are adventurous and interesting because you are experiencing things so far from our normal human interactions and lifestyles.  I picked this photo (pretty much at random from my desktop) to illustrate a moment that made this an adventure – a chance to witness a wild lioness “schooling” her young ones in their behavior.

Adventurous moment - at least for the cub....

Adventurous moment – at least for the cub….