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Autumn Sounds in the Tetons

For our last day in the Tetons, we planned on getting up very early in the morning and proceed to a well known photographic viewpoint at OxBow Bend.  We got up well before the lazy sun and went out to watch the morning spectacle.  When we arrived at “the Bend” we joined the other photographers in the dark.  Almost immediately, we began to hear the loud bugling of the Elk through the morning mist.  It was both eery and beautiful and it seemed to be coming from all directions – some close and some more distant.  A lovely song to accompany our morning coffee.  As it turned out, the part of mother nature’s staff in charge of sunrises was still asleep and the scene we anticipated never materialized (clouds and wind)…. 😦 .  We were disappointed but the sound of the Elk calls more than made up for it and is something we will always remember.

A little later that morning, as we drove through Yellowstone National Park we spotted a huge male Elk wandering across a shallow pond.  I jammed on the brakes at the next pull off and we walked quickly back to catch a photo of this majestic animal.  When we reached him (at a respectful distance), he was out of the pond but he was bugling frequently as he searched for a mate.  It was a thrill to put a real face to the calls that we had heard in the dark earlier that morning.  It was a perfect autumn scene – even more so for the sounds rather than just the sights we photographers are always seeking.

Autumn sounds of Sexy

Autumn sounds of Sexy