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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

Once again, I’ll try for an entirely different interpretation of “Wall.”  We have just returned from a wonderful trip to Australia and New Zealand where we got to experience many different things and saw many, many walls which would qualify for this challenge.  I’ve chosen to take the scuba diver’s definition of wall for my submission.  In a diver’s vernacular, a wall is a vertical surface rising from the depths of the ocean.  They are always impressive to experience because as you look down, the world just fades away into the blue.  On one of our dives while on the Spirit of Freedom in the Coral Sea we had a diver’s dream – a vertical wall falling down to 2000′ below, crystal clear water with visibility over 150′, and no other divers with us on the wall.  It was even more majestic as this wall had pristine soft corals everywhere and we were adopted by a single white tip shark that followed us closely throughout the dive.  It was definitely a wall, and a moment, to remember.

Colorful soft coral on "our wall"

Colorful soft coral on “our wall”

The photo above gives you an idea of the colorful adornments to the wall.  Thats my wife, Dee, examining other  parts for the many creatures that live in the many nooks and crannies.

Our constant companion

Our constant companion

This is another photo of Dee with our friendly white tip.  You normally see them just cruising by occasionally but this one stayed close to us for almost an hour.