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An American Fourth….

Yesterday, we had what might be considered an ideal fourth of July.  Up at the crack of dawn to walk the dogs, then off to the golf course with our neighbors and best friends.  After a delightful but badly played round, we stopped at a local restaurant to have a late breakfast and chill for a bit.  We were served by a cheerful and friendly waiter of hispanic descent.  When we asked what he was doing later to celebrate the 4th, he matter of factly told us he was going to his second job before returning to his family in the late evening.  We left the restaurant feeling how lucky we were but also cheered by this man’s heart.  After a visit with the dogs, we went to see the creative and thought provoking animated film “Inside Out” about how your mind works and the joys and tribulations of youth – if you haven’t seen it, I would certainly recommend it!  We decided to walk to downtown San Diego for the fireworks display since we hadn’t done that in many years.  After a quick stop at an Argentinian restaurant with good food and a wonderful solo guitar player, we continued to the waterfront.  There we joined thousands of fellow celebrators from every race, nationality, and background to enjoy our national independence holiday ritual.  We ended up talking to a nice young oriental couple who were also there to take some fireworks photos.  We then enjoyed the walk back home with a cheerful crowd and an end to a very nice day!

This entire day was a great reminder of what is best in America.  We have all come from somewhere, in pursuit of the same dreams and aspirations, and just wanting that illusive “dream”.  It was a great reminder that in this country of immigrants, people like Donald Trump have gotten it woefully and shamefully wrong.

Happy Fourth to Everyone!

Happy Fourth to Everyone!