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Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

I thought this was a very interesting challenge because the concept of creating is so mysterious or at least not commonly understood.  In the end I turned to my own living room again for my photo.  This is a simple (not very good) photo of my guitars in their cabinet.  The reason I chose this photo (which I took 5 minutes ago) is that it contains 3 focal points for creativity – at least for me.  I love great instruments and am lucky to have 3 luthier (custom guitar maker) built guitars – the three on the left of the photo.  These were assembled by hand using traditional tools and methods and the instruments are incredible displays of woodworking skills.  Even more importantly, the guitars each have their own “voice” carefully crafted and tuned by the luthier – while the woodworking is a skill, the voicing is a real talent that is very hard to find.  The combination of the skills and talent led to the creation of these magnificent instruments.

A creation, holding 4 creations which I (hopefully) can use to create music….

The case itself is another creation.  It was hand crafted by a good friend of mine and contains an environmental control system to keep the guitars safe and happy.  I haven’t seen another case that rivals this one for functionality, quality, and beauty in its own right.

Last but not least is the fact that I use these creations of other people to try and create music.  While I have some skills I have developed over time, I don’t have what I would consider talent so it is a constant struggle but one I enjoy.  And every once in a while, when least expected, I do make sounds which could loosely be described as musical creations…..remember, I said loosely.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Just before the Challenge showed up in my inbox, I was just picking up one of my guitars after neglecting them for the last two weeks.  So instead of playing, I laid the guitar on the floor and took this close up of the bridge….  Now that I have my challenge duties out of the way, I can get back to trying to play…. 🙂

Guitars – my other “Challenge”

A walk….and a song

Leaves are falling, just like embers….

Colors red and gold,

They set us on fire,

Just like  moonbeams,  in our eyes….

As some of you know, I also dabble in playing the acoustic guitar and I can get songs stuck in my head as I try to learn them.  As we were wandering down the Potomac on Saturday, snapping a few pictures of the fall colors – those are the words that kept flashing through my mind.  They are from a great song called “Killing the Blues” by Rowland Salley. I think he might have had something like this in mind as he wrote.

Colors Red and Gold - they set us on fire....

Just so you get the full effect of the words and the song, here’s  Shawn Colvin’s great version of the song on YouTube……she does it just a tad better than I do 🙂