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Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

One of the things that I love about wildlife photography is that you are always trying to catch that one moment that captures the beauty or the essence of your subject.  These moments tend to happen very quickly and you have to be ready for them – sometimes after long waiting times or disappointments.   While we were in Australia, I had caught glimpses of large, mostly white parrots of some kind flying around but in every case, we were either in a car or otherwise unable to capture a good shot of them.  As we found out later, the bird was a Sulpher Crested Cockatoo which are fairly common in some parts of Australia – including the botanical gardens in Sydney.  I went out one morning and spent a few hours trying to catch a shot like the one below.  I think it qualifies as  “Ephemeral” because a fraction of a second earlier or later would not have done this incredible bird justice….

...a fleeting, flying moment

…a fleeting, flying moment

Coming Soon…..

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the long pause between posts but have been gone with very limited connectivity.  I’ll be posting again soon but for now I’ll post this quick photo of a critter from where we’ve been – any guesses as to what it is and where we are?  Hint: the pose offers a clue….

What part of the world??

What part of the world??