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Why isn’t this bear black?

I must admit that I thought that all Black Bears were actually black – what a concept!  Obviously I was wrong as proven by this cinnamon colored “black” bear.  I was coming around a corner in a driving rain storm when I hit a “Bear jam” on the road.  I immediately parked and ran to the center of attention, just in time to see this bear running across the road and start up a hill.  I managed to click off a few shots as he ran up the hill.  The light wasn’t good, the rain was coming down, and the wind made handheld shots very difficult but I did get at least this shot of the mis-colored bear.

Colorblind Bear – my first Black Bear photo!

I did see several actual Brown (Grizzly) Bears, but all at great distances.  I wasn’t too disappointed in that as our trip to Alaska is coming up quickly…..