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A few minutes in my backyard….

Couldn’t decide what to post today so thought I’d just sit by some flowering bushes in my backyard to see what flew by…….

Orange Hummer

Orange Hummer

My first visitor was what I think is a Rufous Hummingbird.  They’re elusive little guys but I managed to get this one in pretty good focus.

Monday Morning Busy Bee

Monday Morning Busy Bee

There weren’t as many other birds around as there usually are so I figured I’d practice on some bees – got this guy as he was coming into a landing on this flower.

What a difference a lens makes!

For those of you who follow this blog, you might recall a post I made a few weeks back entitled “Bored Photographer” (5-10-13).  It was a not-so-clear photo of a bee in flight taken because I was….around the house and bored.  I was almost in the same situation today but I had a new toy to play with – a new telephoto prime lens that arrived this week.  Two of the aspects of this lens that are supposed to make it special are its sharpness and its nice bokeh (the blur in the background).  So I went into the backyard with the intent of waiting for a hummingbird to fly by when I noticed some bees hovering around one of our bushes.  Long story short – I wanted to duplicate the photo that I took a few weeks ago with the new lens.  I am pleased to say that, at least to my eye, the captures are MUCH clearer and detailed with a very pleasant blur which isolates the subject from the background.  I hope you agree.  OBTW – this was taken handheld at 1/640 sec on a dull, cloudy morning.

Busy Bee amusing Bored Photographer....

Busy Bee amusing Bored Photographer….

Bored Photographer….

So I was kind of stuck around the house this morning because our elder “child” (dog) CJ is not feeling well and we have to keep her quiet.  I was sitting in our back yard and taking some photos of hummingbirds with a lens combination that I haven’t tried before when I noticed some bees on a pepper tree that we have.  I don’t have a macro lens but I figured I could kill some time trying to catch a bee in flight with my handheld telephoto.  I didn’t get any great shots but thought you might be interested in this one – taken at 1/4000 sec.  The yellow sacs on the bees back legs are called honey baskets – where they store the pollen after collecting it…..

I wasn't busy so I "shot" this bee....

I wasn’t busy so I “shot” this bee….