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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

We had plenty of opportunities for this “mirror” challenge while in the Arctic region of Svalbard, Norway.  I chose to use this photo from a glacier bay that was being fed by 5 different glaciers.  The bay contained uncountable chunks of ice floating around – ranging from small icebergs that had calved off the glaciers to much smaller pieces of ice that the glacier had ejected.  This “mini-berg” had been inhabited by many kittiwakes who were preening themselves in the mirror-like reflections in the bay.   A beautiful late afternoon Arctic scene….

Cold Kittiwakes

Cold Kittiwakes



Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

One of the things that I love about wildlife photography is that you are always trying to catch that one moment that captures the beauty or the essence of your subject.  These moments tend to happen very quickly and you have to be ready for them – sometimes after long waiting times or disappointments.   While we were in Australia, I had caught glimpses of large, mostly white parrots of some kind flying around but in every case, we were either in a car or otherwise unable to capture a good shot of them.  As we found out later, the bird was a Sulpher Crested Cockatoo which are fairly common in some parts of Australia – including the botanical gardens in Sydney.  I went out one morning and spent a few hours trying to catch a shot like the one below.  I think it qualifies as  “Ephemeral” because a fraction of a second earlier or later would not have done this incredible bird justice….

...a fleeting, flying moment

…a fleeting, flying moment

Shadow Feet….

I hadn’t taken my camera out since we returned from Yellowstone so I thought I’d go to a local lake and see if I could find anything unusual flying around,  As it turns out, almost nothing was flying so I just sat there and enjoyed the morning.  After a while, this egret walked up through the water.  The light was behind him and the lake was still….and I noticed that in his shadow you could see his feet underwater while the rest of the water was opaque.  I thought it was a cool effect so I took a couple of shots like this one.

Maybe its time to have my toes done.....

Maybe its time to have my toes done…..

In the Air Again…..

A quick post to say that we’re on our way overseas again – this time to Europe and a river cruise on the Rhine/Main and Danube Rivers.  It’ll be a day or two before we get connectivity again so I figured I’d post this photo to signify we are getting ready for takeoff as this is published.  Before you ask, this is a composite photo made up of the sunrise over the field/mist and an inflight photo of a Great Blue Turaco.  I took both photos in Uganda about two days apart.  I thought I’d combine them to get an interesting subject on a spectacular background.  Hope you enjoy and forgive the photo manipulation on my part…….  I’ll post again soon from Germany.

Great Blue Turaco in Sunrise Background

Seeing Triple

So I got up this morning, had some caffeine, and for some reason thought about trying to capture the hummingbirds in my backyard in a different way.  I have never really used the multiple exposure feature of my cameras but I thought it would be fun – but maybe impossible – to capture a multiple exposure of a hummingbird feeding on our flowered bushes.  So I grabbed my tripod and camera and made the long 30 foot trek to the edge of the canyon we live on. I was a little late for “peak” morning hummingbird time but I did get a couple of opportunities to try the shot.  While this one is a little busy and the flowers aren’t in great focus  (the wind was blowing), the hummingbird did manage to be clear in three different positions in one sequence.

Crowded in them thar bushes.....

Crowded in them thar bushes…..

I also had an opportunity to get a large (single) bee of some sort moving between the blooms…..

Just passing through....

Just passing through….

Maybe not the greatest photos in the world in terms of art but they were fun to experiment with.  A bored photographer is a dangerous thing….



I’ve posted a few pics of local hummingbirds on this blog.  All of them are hovering over, or on, flowers – happily feeding.  I  like this photo because the hummer is  in flight away from the flowers and everything else, including his wings, is blurred.  I also liked the muted background colors with a mixture of morning blue skies, green plants, and a few pink flowers.

Faster than a speeding.....

Faster than a speeding…..

A few minutes in my backyard….

Couldn’t decide what to post today so thought I’d just sit by some flowering bushes in my backyard to see what flew by…….

Orange Hummer

Orange Hummer

My first visitor was what I think is a Rufous Hummingbird.  They’re elusive little guys but I managed to get this one in pretty good focus.

Monday Morning Busy Bee

Monday Morning Busy Bee

There weren’t as many other birds around as there usually are so I figured I’d practice on some bees – got this guy as he was coming into a landing on this flower.

Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move

When I was at the beach the other day, I was surrounded by what seemed like hundreds of these little shorebirds (Plovers?).  I set my camera to a relatively long shutter speed to try and capture their motion as they all ran by me  as a group.  The effect of the birds, their reflection in the surf, and the motion led to an interesting abstract of the birds – “on the move”.

Beach Birds in Motion.....

Beach Birds in Motion…..


Monday Commute from the Suburbs…..

At least there doesn’t seem to be any traffic……

Flying into the week...

Flying into the week…

Africa – Lilac Breasted Roller

I always seem to forget to post pictures of some of the incredibly colorful birds that we encounter during our trips.  I thought I’d post this photo of a bird that seems to be common throughout Africa but is amazingly beautiful.  They are even more beautiful when they fly but I did not manage to get a good flying photo 😦  Hope you enjoy.

Roller showing his colors

Roller showing his colors