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…Where the Buffalo roam….

…and the sky is not cloudy all day…

Well, not exactly.  In my four days at Yellowstone I saw a few sunny times as shown in today’s photo but I saw much more time in the rain, snow, and hail – all pretty much to be expected this time of year.  In any case, this is a pretty typical sight that you see around the park – Bison (aka Buffalo) grazing in the fields.  You can see large herds, just a few together (as in this shot), or lone bulls by themselves.  It certainly is a reminder of days gone by as these huge creatures used to roam the west in great numbers.

Western Icons

You also have to stay alert as you drive around the park as the Buffalo seem to understand that they have the “right of way”.  This is another frequent sight – traffic jams caused by casual Buffalo crossings.

Yellowstone Road Hazard