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We’re out and about again….

so this will probably be my last post for a little while.  We’re off to go camping with Brown Bears in the Katmai Region of Alaska again – this will be our third year doing that and it is definitely one of the coolest trips we do.  We’re going to a little different area this time and we are keeping our fingers crossed on the weather.  Our bear guide called by satellite phone to tell us that for the last week the wind has been blowing at 60-80 mph and his guests for this week haven’t been able to get to the tent camp – in fact he has been unable to set up some of the camp because of the wind.  The long range forecasts we’ve found seem to be improving so hopefully we’ll be able to get out there with those magnificent animals.  In any case I thought I’d leave you with another shot of what we hope to see.  I’ve posted this photo before but I re-procesed  this one to make it more of an “art shot”.  This is from 2 years ago – this little cub was following its mom along the beach near our camp.  The cub was very inquisitive and kept standing up to see us over the wispy grass and bushes growing on the shoreline.  I hope we’ll have new shots like this to share in the near future….take care.

"There they are Mom" !!

“There they are Mom” !!

Brown Bear cub near camp

Its been a few weeks since my last Alaska photo so I thought I’d share another one that I like today.  This is a female brown bear cub that really enjoyed being near our campsite.  This was right after dinner and she and her mom spent some quality time with us.  This cub is about a year and half old so she has about another year or year and a half with mom before she strikes out on her own.  Mom was already giving her a lot of space and didn’t seem nervous about her being close to us.

cub scout

I’ve since read (in the grizzly bear blog) about places in Alaska where the Moms actually kind of “drop off” their cubs near humans while they go looking for food.  These are in areas where the bears are very used to the human photographers and have learned that is a safe place for their cubs.