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Black Dog

I was down at a nearby dog beach yesterday and, as always, I got some fun shots of puppies, dogs splashing in the water, dogs playing with kids, and all kinds of other activities.  I’ll probably share some of the other ones soon but thought I’d post this one today.  I just really liked the look on this black dogs face.

Black is beautiful

Black is beautiful

Do dogs have a “dark side”??

Brownie at the Beach

Haven’t run a dog picture in a while so I was having withdrawal symptoms…  This handsome guy was walking on the beach sometime back and I happened to catch him with some really nice side lighting – half in shadow, half in sunlight.  He’s pretty dirty and wet but isn’t that what dogs are supposed to do at the beach?


Not sure why I like this shot other than the fact that I love anything that has to do with our canine friends.  While the photo may look like a black and white, it is actually in color but the morning fog took the zing out of any color.  I took this at one of local “dog beaches”  –  I was actually looking for wildlife being reflected in the still morning waters but happened to catch this reflection instead.  I’d be very interested in your comments on this photo – As I said, I like it but I’m not sure why…..

Fog is no reason not to have fun....