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Thanksgiving for Dog Lovers

We’ve had a tradition for several years now to walk with the Fathers Joe’s charity walk here in San Diego.  Its a nice walk through Balboa Park and our local neighborhood so its easy and always fun.

We head to the start line....

We head to the start line….

The whole local community turns out to support the run.  I liked this scene as it spoke to me about the America that I know – not the one we heard so much about during the election…..

Donald never met these folks

Donald never met these folks

The highlight for me every year is not the exercise or the uniformly beautiful mornings we always seem to have – it is the dogs that are out walking their people.  They are large….


Big boy

and they are small…..

Chihuahua parade

Chihuahua parade

They are all colors …..

and even black and white...

and even black and white…

Some were in costume

feathered friend

feathered friend

or just dressed up for the occasion.

thanksgiving colors

thanksgiving colors

Some helped pull their people along…..


stroller puller

while others joined their people for a ride.

Canine company

Canine company

Some of them mugged for the camera and the paparazzi ……

aren't I pretty?

aren’t I pretty?

While other pets just watched the procession go by from their royal perches….

how "common" they all look.....

how “common” they all look…..

In any case, it is always a great way to start the holiday.  I hope that your turkey day was great and that you enjoy the rest of the season.

Gotta go.....!

Gotta go…..!


Foster Dogs!

My across the road neighbors, Steve and Nancy, have four dogs of their own but they routinely “adopt” other dogs from the shelter until good homes can be found for them.  They are clearly doing wonderful work.  A short time ago, they asked me if I could help them get their foster “children” adopted through my hobby of photography.  They said many of the adoptions are done through the use of websites but that the quality of the photos of the subjects left something to be desired.   I readily agreed because I love dogs (as my own two can tell you) and really enjoy photographing all animals – it seemed like a great match!  So we started setting up short photo shoots for the dogs and so far it has contributed to several adoptions.

I’m going to switch gears and start with Steve and Nancy’s current foster, Ginger – a wonderfully sweet dog who loves to be up close and personal with people and is a joy to be with.  Her only issue is that a few weeks back (before she became a foster) she was hit by a car and lost her front right leg.  Only a few weeks later, she is her normal happy self and she is getting around like she never needed four legs!  Here is my photo/painting portrait of Ginger that I took yesterday.

Ginger the Cutie

Ginger the Cutie

As I said to Steve this morning, this next photo catches her “putting her best foot forward”…..

Ginger is proving that feet are redundant....

Ginger is proving that feet are redundant….

I started with Ginger because she is still available for adoption, and if you are interested, please contact me at  PS – we are in San Diego.

I’ll go back a little and introduce you to Holly – another available sweetie with a story.  Holly is being fostered by some other friends and her story is that she was very nearly euthanized as she was blind!  Luckily the attendant at the shelter could not bring himself to carry out her sentence and Holly was saved.  She has since had cataract surgery and can see again.  She is a beautiful and happy dog …..and she is also still available.  Send me a note if you might be interested in adopting her!

Holly - a great story...and friend

Holly – a great story…and friend

I’ll end by introducing you to a couple of other recent friends who have since gone on to new families.  This is Cassie who just got adopted a few weeks ago – how do you beat that for photogenic?

Cassie the newly adopted  :-)

Cassie the newly adopted 🙂

And lastly, let me introduce you to Farrah.  As a youngster, I was always dreaming of a date with Farrah and my friend Steve arranged it for me!  It was different than I had dreamed of but Farrah is still quite the poster girl …..

Farrah - still one of Charlie's  Angels to me

Farrah – still one of Charlie’s Angels to me


Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

For today’s challenge thought I’d go back to last summer when we had a couple of opportunities to photograph a Mama Brown Bear (as opposed to Sarah’s Mama Grizzlies) and her cub.  The Mama didn’t seem concerned with us at all – the first photo was taken just outside our camp and the cub kept trying to get a closer look at us.  Mom didn’t seem to care but our guide kept gently telling the cub to leave until he finally backed away.

Trying to look just like Mom

In the second photo, the cub was closely following every move of Mom.  Together, they did very well – each came away with a Salmon.

"Lets Get'em!"

When I saw the challenge topic I immediately thought of the bear photos as we are starting to make the final arrangements for another Alaska adventure for this year – but I also thought that I should post something more recent.  This photo is of a couple friends playing together at the beach – just yesterday.

Having fun yet??

Masters of the House

Since I concentrated yesterday on the squirrels that terrorized our dogs, I figured I should at least introduce our dogs to those of you who don’t know them.  As I said yesterday, both of them are bruisers – weighing in at about 10 pounds apiece.  What is amazing is the volume that you can out of packages that small – these girls can resonate!  Just ask the neighbors….  Anyway, the first of our pups is  CJ.  She was a rescue from the Chula Vista animal shelter where she was alone with uncountable Pit Bulls.  She is named after the character CJ Craig from “The West Wing” which was played by Allison Janey who has sort of wide, blue eyes.  Hopefully you can see them in the shot below.

Meet CJ

CJ is mostly a Chihuahua (what they call a Blue Merle with the speckled coat) but we thinks she probably has other origins that she gets her longish, low-rider body from.  CJ is the schmoozer in the household and enjoys our outdoor room and her favorite chair….

CJ in "action"

On the other end of the spectrum is “the Osa”.  Osa is a pure breed (but maybe partially mentally defective) Schipperke which translates into boundless energy and the ability to make anything into a game.  Unfortunately the games she plays are mostly by her rules so we are left guessing into what our role (or CJs) might be.

The OSA!

To be fair, OSA has mellowed (a little) as she as gotten older and she now has at least one quiet moment a day.  You can tell when that happens because the neighbors actually come outdoors without their ear protection on and smile at the peaceful (if fleeting) quiet of the neighborhood.

Osa acting grown up....for a moment

Hope you enjoyed meeting “the kids”.