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Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

I could only immediately think of one photograph for this week’s challenge.  This was taken on the main island in Fiji as we were headed back to the airport after a scuba diving trip.  A candid shot of a “coffee- break” for the workers but with prominent prices on the market in the background.  Not sure why I like this photo but I do……

Numbers, numbers everywhere

Numbers, numbers everywhere


Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.”  I’m currently preparing for a scuba diving trip so I figured I’d look through some photos from my last dive trip.  I chose this photo of a squirrel fish hiding in a cave for two reasons:

1) the photo was obviously taken “at depth”, and,

2) I was able to get a feeling of the depth of this little alcove by placing my flash above the fish and letting the back of the fish fade off into the black shadows.  I think it adds to the photo by highlighting the face (expressions?) of the fish while also adding some mystery of what is lurking in the shadows behind….????

"Lurking in the depth and shadows"

“Lurking in the depth and shadows”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

I’m late again this week but finally got around to looking at this week’s challenge, “Warmth.”  Warmth always makes me think of Balmy evenings on the beach in a tropical local.  This photo is from Taveuni, Fiji on just such a night.  The storms off the coast cooperated and lit up the skies with a nice display of warm colors.


Air- 80 degrees, Water 80 degrees

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

When most people go scuba diving, they focus on big things of interest – turtles, sharks, rays, etc…..  One of the things that I love to do is to just find a nice little patch of coral and quietly observe the local community at work.  You can see families, predators, cleaning stations, and all kinds of other everyday behavior – all in an environment that is as foreign to us humans as aliens from far off galaxies.  For todays challenge I thought I’d show a snapshot of one of those communities in Fiji – nothing unusual or exotic – just a community going about its “business”.

Think they're headed to the mall?

Think they’re headed to the mall?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Since my last post was from Fiji, I’ll stick with that location and submit this incredible Horizon looking out towards some of the other Fijian islands from Taveuni.  This storm was approaching right at sunset and was the precursor for a major storm system which stranded us on a different island later in the week and did major damage to the main island.  But this evening and this vista was nothing short of incredible.

Island Fire

Island Fire

Child’s Play

When I looked at my mail this morning there was a post from Steve McCurry’s blog called Child’s Play with some great photos.  If you haven’t seen Steve’s blog – you should.  He is an award winning photographer who always has wonderful captures of people from around the world.  I figured I would plagiarize his idea and post one of my own shots of kids being kids.  This is from Taveuni, Fiji.  These kids were have a great time jumping off the small cliffs into the crystal clear waters below.

FIJI - Taveuni

FIJI – Taveuni

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

An interesting theme this week – I had to think a little about what to post.  I finally decided on the photo below – not because it is a masterpiece in itself but to me it is reminisient of the Mona Lisa.  The serene look on the woman’s face and the gently crossed hands bring a sense of calm and peace to me – I’m anxious to hear what you all think.

My "Mona LIsa"

My “Mona LIsa”

The photo was taken in Fiji during a nature hike in the jungle.  We wandered upon a corrugated metal building that some farmers were living in and there she was.  I only had a second to catch her mood  and was unable to frame her without the overhanging branches in the picture – but I always enjoy it and it brings me back to that quiet moment every time I look at it – maybe thats the definition of masterpiece.

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

I wouldn’t say that these are my “best” but they are all photos that I love and that capture the local inhabitants of places we went this year.  Happy New Years to all!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

I had a hard time thinking of which photos to use for this challenge since I spend alot of my photographic time out in the wild where the dominant color is green.  The gallery above contains images from South Africa, Monterey California, Alaska (of course), and two of the greenest places that come to my mind immediately – Fiji and Machu Picchu.  Hope you like the fairly random selections……

Weekly Photo Challenge – Everyday Life

This photo was taken in Suva, Fiji back in the spring.  I think its a good representation of the meetings that take place everyday, everywhere – whether it is around a water cooler, in a meeting room, or out in the middle of an intersection.  People taking a break from their jobs and talking about what people talk about everywhere……(you fill in the blank).

“The San Diego Chargers will never win until they get a new coach”