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Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental

I’m not sure that this really fits the subject of this week’s challenge but I liked this photo and I could stretch the meaning to fit……

This is a shot that I took during a “sundowner” happy hour overlooking the Serengeti in Tanzania.  The sky was incredible but the only prominent point of interest was a single Acacia tree not far away.  Those trees are frequent subjects of African sunset photography so it wasn’t very innovative from that aspect.  What struck me about the scene was that the tree’s canopy was totally mirrored by the clouds just above – perfect semi-circles.  I decided to take a photo where the subject was dead center in the frame – something I rarely do.   I set my aperture to try and catch a sun star as the sun emerged below the clouds but above the tree.  I had my camera on a pocket tripod so I was lining the shot up as the sun and clouds moved – as luck would have it, at the perfect moment, I could see a perfectly round lens flare forming as the sun reflected off the center of my lens.  I snapped the shot at that second to catch this additional highlight to the symmetry of the scene – it is faint but hopefully apparent in the photo – forming a perfect circle around both the tree and the sun.  An experiment in composition with a little help from mother nature.

Acacia sunburst and flare (1 of 1)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest

When thinking about photo opportunities I often think about what the most challenging aspect of a shot may be.  That was especially on my mind yesterday as I was trying out a new camera (the Fuji XT-2) in the challenging environment of the USMC airshow at Miramar in San Diego.  The contributing factors were that this camera has a brand new (improved?) autofocusing system, I hadn’t had the chance to practice with it much,  and I would be trying to capture very quickly moving aircraft.  I especially thought about one of the most difficult shots that I knew I would encounter (based on being at this airshow before).  The Navy’s aviation demonstration team, the Blue Angels, would be performing and one of their featured demonstrations is for their two solo aircraft to approach each other from  opposite ends of the runway and pass VERY close together at midfield – with a closing speed of over 800 mph!.  As you might guess, that situation stresses the camera, the autofocus system and the photographer – that was my quest.  Long story short, I waited for the moment of that maneuver and prepared for the shot.  As the aircraft approached the centre of the show, each flying at over 400mph, I tracked one aircraft and tried to guess the moment they would pass.  I fired off a quick sequence of shots but I didn’t know whether I had caught both aircraft as I had to quickly prepare for the next pass of “the Blues”.  I didn’t actually look at my photos until I got home and did a quick review of my photos.  I was greatly relieved to find this shot (the one that I had imagined in my mind) in the collection.  My small quest had been a success……!

A quick quest captured

A quick quest captured